Friday, October 5, 2007

वेंगुरला Vengurla Tahasil

Dutch Warehouse was built in 1660 to 1670 Dutch left this place in 1682 for ever . In the year 1960 downfall of this place started. Upto 1979 it remained in reminiscent form only. This place is under the control of Arecheology Dept of India Since 1974.
Crowford Market at Vengurla. Don’t forget to visit this market for the best quality fruits & seaproducts . These products are absolutely fresh either from the gardens or the sea. & these products are in the best price.
Sagar Bungalow on Vengurla sea beach . You can see different modes & forms of the sea from here.
Wayagani Beach 7 Km from Vengurla. Also you can enjoy a walk in the village Wayagani to see heavily fruit loaded trees of Kaju, Jackfruit & Coconut.
Nivati Sea Beach- 25 Km from Vengurla Kochara village is nereby. You can enjoy the fishermen at work with their boats & nets in the sea, near the beach.
Nivati fort is a small fort . A great attraction of this fort is you can have a beautiful view of the area. Greentrees, red soil, bluesea & the whitesand seabeach of Bhogave, make you wonderstruck.
Nivati Bhogave Beach ( It is 25 Km from Vengurla ). It is absolutely clean, calm & quiet place. You will enjoy the confulence of the river to the sea. You will also enjoy fishermen at work either with the boats or the nets . You will never forget this beautiful sight. Come & enjoy the beautiful beach.
Sagareshwar Beach is 3 Km from Vengurla. It is calm & quiet place. The sea is also very calm & quiet & swimmers can enjoy this place.
Mochemad Beach - 4 Km from Vengurla Tourists are attracted to this beach by its breathtaking scenery.
Sagartirth Beach - Famous for its beauty as well as safe for swimming . It is near Village Aravali
Bhogave Beach - 36 Km from Vengurla. It is near Deobang river Karli meets the sea here. The birdwatchers enjoy the birds playing , dancing, eating on this beach. You can enjoy the walk in white powder sand as well as swimming in blue water. To watch the sea in the early morning & at the sunset is a great experience.
Fort Nivati 35 Km from Vengurla. To watch the scenery of all around the fort is a great thrilling experience.
Velagar Beach - 19 Km from Vengurla. It is a beautiful & lonely beach . The greenary on the beachside is marvelous. The Pansal near Shiroda is one more experience to watch. In 1930 M.Gandhi has done salt satyagraha here at Shiroda. This place is also famous for great Marathi writer V.S.Khandekar the winner of ' Dnyapeeth' award.
Redi :- ( 21 Km from Vengurla) Yashwatngad fort is nearby. This place is famous for many temples of different deities. You must visit port Revati near Redi
Ganesh Mandir at Redi - Famous for Swayambhi Ganesh, found in 1974 in the mines. The statue is 5 feet, in sitting position. This temple is very famous among the devotees.
Rameshwar temple at Vengurla. This temple is 300 years old. Many festivals are celebrated here by the trustees.
Aarvali Vetoba : Vetoba Temple is 14 Km from Vengurla. This deity is famous since Puran period Every year in the festival God Vetoba is presented with new chappals. They believe that God Vetoba guards & secures them all the year from all kinds of evils
Terekhol fort : Terekhol is 23 Km from Vengurla. It is at the creek of river Terekhot. It was built in 16th century. You can see the beautiful view of the confluence of the river & the sea.
Pat-Parule - It is in between the Arabian sea at at one side & the creek of river Karli at another. There are many temples of different daities at Pat-Parule. The village is really very beautiful . To watch the beauty you can climb any hill in the vicinity.

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